Summer Camps

Nature Adventure Camp (Ages 5 and up)
 Wow!  What a wild way to spend a summer week!  This camp will introduce your child to live animals of all kinds and fun outdoor activities. 
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             Advanced Nature Adventure Camp 
                                   (Ages 8 and up) 
Advanced campers will inspect and dissect the wonders of nature.
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         Contact Ms. Lucy at:             (586) 292-3644                                                    

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To:6205 Cooley Lake Rd.
Waterford, MI 48327
Number and Street:
farm life 
wild life 
in a world of educational fun!

  Mrs. Lucy Clucas
educator and owner of Turtle Creek Farm
Turtle Creek Farm 
6205 Cooley Lake Rd.
   Waterford, Mi 48327
Turtle Creek Farm is not open daily to the public.  We are available for scheduled group tours and events only.
Donation Station
Folks are always asking what they can do to help us here at Turtle Creek Farm.  We are always in need of the following items for the animals: 
  • heating pads, warming lights.
  • small animal cages for bunnies and hamsters
  • feeding bowls (metal, ceramic, plastic) for animals
  • leashes and collars
  • food for cats, hamsters, parakeets, and guinea pigs
Garage sales & flea markets are great places to pick things up! 
Visit our 
page to see lots of great pictures and videos from our 2021 Summer Camps! 
Welcome to Turtle Creek Farm!
Yay! We're going back to camp!
2021 Summer camp sessions 
are full at this time. 
Forms may still be submitted for waiting lists only. 
We look forward to a summer 
full of friends, 
fun and adventures!

​Turtle Creek Farm will follow all CDC Covid 19
guidelines and protocols.