How to be a butterfly!
First, choose a really cute Ella!
Add some beautiful wings...
Don't forget to flutter around a  little bit!
Viola!  Our butterfly has it's most important feature, the wings! But what else do you need to be a butterfly? 
Appendages!  Appendages are branches, tails, or limbs (arms and legs).  Butterflies have 6, humans have 4, that means we must add 2 more appendages to our butterfly.
Did you know butterflies have tongues on the ends of their appendages?  That's how they taste a flower to make sure they like it.  It would be like having your fingers and toes be tongues for tasting. 
Butterflies also have compound eyes.  That means they have lots of eyes all working together.
A butterfly eats with it's proboscis. The butterfly will taste a flower with the tongues on his appendages, and when he finds one he likes, he will uncurl his tubular proboscis and suck the nectar.